A report by Rafa Cerezo, our guest in Korea at Horyong, to discover the Horyong moving elevators

We publish a report by Mr. Rafa Cerezo, our guest in Korea at Horyong, to discover the Horyong moving elevators.

Hello everyone! As you already know, we were in South Korea as guests of CEM Group to learn about the Horyong factory and see first-hand its more than
73,000 square meters of facilities.

During the trip they showed us two of their elevators, the PE640 (64 m = 21 ° 22 °) and the PE250 (25 m-8 °) two machines that leave no one indifferent, you just need to lock the machines on the stabilizers and on the width of the ladder package to realize the level of safety offered by these elevators, in addition to all the technology they incorporate to facilitate our work, all this transforms them into the future of moving elevators in Spain.

Thanks to Mr. Loris Manocchia we met the company from Horyong Korea, from its beginnings in 1990 to 2019, its manufacturing capacity for moving cranes is 500 units and for next year they estimate a production of about 600 machines from removals.

I was very proud to see my new PE510 crane on the presentation, the only one in the world and the first of this new model that is expected to triumph in Europe. As you can see in some photos, in Horyong not only do they manufacture moving cranes, they are experts on all types of aerial platforms capable of reaching 75 m in height.

In short, they are the number 1s in all of Asia with a total sales per year of 5,000 units throughout its range. A unique experience to discover the future of moving machines.

Greetings and thanks to Mr. Loris Manocchia for this trip to discover the cranes and the Horyong moving stairs.


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