CEM Group launches AR – Augmented Reality project

Straight from the last GIS Expo comes the AR – Augmented Reality Project – developed by CEM together with Giovanni Scarangella, marketer who has been working with the Settimo Milanese group for years.

This is the first augmented reality and virtual enhancement of one of CEM’s best-selling lifts, the Easy 21.

Through augmented reality, by clicking on the following link it is possible to use the zoom function, rotate the ladder and apply it, for example, to your own yard or workplace.

SEE IT IN YOUR SPACE with augmented reality: https://ar.cemelevatori.it/cem-scala-trainata-easy-21

In addition, the operator using AR can view the ladder’s points of interest in the form of virtual reality, combining 3D reconstructions and computer graphics.

An implementation that enriches the narrative and creates a deeper cognitive impact of the medium.

Users find themselves virtually one step away from the lift, immersed in a 360° environment, where they can admire, for example, the oversized rail package or the double lifting cylinders, while respecting the proportions and original components.

With the development of 3D and its application in physical space, the experience becomes even more immersive and engaging.

The AR application recognizes the three-dimensionality of the surrounding environment by tracking it in real time.

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