CEM Group new Zonzini distributor in Italy and Spain

CEM visited the ZONZINI headquarters last week in Verona, Italy. The CEO of CEM Group, Loris Manocchia and the commercial director of CEM Elevadores, Rafa Cerezo, closed the commercial distribution agreement for Italy and Spain.

An intelligent solution for the transport of stairs.

Zonzini converts the transport of goods by stairs in a more comfortable and safe work with the creation of systems to climb stairs that are increasingly reliable, effective and easy to use.

During the visit, they showed us the whole range of Zonzini products, for loading materials and lifting people, right there they demonstrated the use of “Domino StairClimbers” and we did not miss the opportunity to learn how to handle the new technology that They bring their products:

Stair Climbers for Goods:                                                                Stair Climbers for people:

✓ DOMINO AUTOMATIC                                                                ✓DOMINO PEOPLE

✓BUDDY LIFT                                                                                   ✓DOMINO PEOPLE SLIM




Zonzini srl Carrelli Saliscale products marketed in Italy and Spain by the CEM Group, offer a wide range of advantages:

  • Avoid incidents and failed deliveries.
  • Greater occupational health and less wear.
  • Economize on efforts to be more effective.
  • Increased productivity with hardly any effort.
  • Increased safety at work.
  • Efficiency, and maximum care with furniture to real estate.
  • Use in hard to reach places.
  • It occupies little space



The Zonzini stairclimbs for the transport of goods and people definitively solve the transport problems on the stairs once and for all, from now on going up the stairs a load does not mean having to break your back. If you don’t want to do it for professionals, do it yourself.

The ZONZINI stair climbs are certified and comply with CE regulations!

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