CEM Group participates in the ASSO.DI.MI. renters’ congress

Great success for the 30th Renters’ Congress organized in Milan on Friday 1 July by ASSO.DI.MI. in collaboration with Unacea, in which CEM also took part.

A truly important event, which brought together the most important manufacturers, importers, distributors and renters in Italy to work together and celebrate ASSO.DI.MI’s 30 years of activity.

During the congress, the focus of all participants was on the concept of sustainability, meant as the direction in which the market and the world in general is moving, but also on service quality as added value.

From 1992 to the present day, the history of ASSO.DI.MI. was illustrated by the current president Mauro Brunelli and former president Roberto Nicoletti, who also explained what means to be part of ASSO.DI.MI., and presented the numerous awards to the people who, with their contribution, have enabled the association to be born and grow.

The hirers’ congress offered the opportunity for all those working in the Italian rental industry to meet and plan a successful collaboration.

In addition, more than fifty sponsors believed in the project and, by exhibiting their machines and services, filled the Superstudio Maxi creating a real and tangible celebration of rental.

At the event, CEM Group exhibited its products, including the AMAK crane sold to the CIEMME company, which was highly appreciated by all the participants at the conference.

In fact, the AMAK crane is an excellent working tool, which offers the possibility of reaching very high altitudes in a simple way and in total safety, as it is equipped with truly high-performance technical components, capable of guaranteeing excellent working performance. Proud of its participation, CEM Group would like to thank all those who appreciated its presence and products.

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