Elevator for Construction Delivered to Bertola Traslochi Company

Bertola Traslochi Company has chosen one of the construction hoists from the CEM Group, the Horyong PE 450Q, which has been promptly delivered.

A versatile, agile, and multifunctional work machine, the Horyong PE 450Q is a true guarantee in the lifting industry, equipped with irreplaceable components.

The excellent technical features of the construction hoist allow the company to provide its customers with a precise, high-level, and professional service,

especially when performing highly precise work at elevated heights.

Among the distinguishing elements, we have:

• Overall weight of approximately 8500 kilograms;

• Two hydraulic winches with guide ropes;

• Manual basket leveling system;

• Anti-tipping safety system and overload sensor;

• Four double-stage hydraulic stabilizers, hydraulically extendable.

Therefore, a combination of advantages that led Bertola Traslochi to choose this equipment.

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