PIANOPLAN, CTE relies on CEM Group in four regions

 Given the growing demand for Pianoplan products, according to the programme of continuous brand diffusion, CTE has launched a new project to distribute its stair climber with CEM Group, the Settimo Milanese company with over 40 years’ experience in the lift sector. 

The project sees CEM in action in the regions of Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta. 

Pianoplan: marketed in 1995, CTE’s battery-powered tracked stair climber immediately has gained national and international movers for its ease of use and the guaranteed safety of the operator when moving pianos, and then became an indispensable partner for moving other kind of bulky items. 

With a load capacity of 600 kg, Pianoplan is designed to transport bulky, delicate, and heavy objects such as pianos, works of art, safes, vending machines, copy machines and refrigerators on stairs, ramps, and slides. 

Safe and fast: only one or two people are needed for jobs that would otherwise require four or five operators, saving cost per hour and time.

Great energy efficiency is ensured by a pair of powerful batteries that provide autonomy for about 50 floors of stairs. Pianoplan is multi-purpose, available in three versions to best deal with various types of transport, i.e., standard, vertical and horizontal. With the aim of making Pianoplan even more versatile, a new accessory has recently been introduced (applicable only to the vertical model); the forks allow loading heavy and bulky material without requiring any physical effort from the operator.

Massimo Franceschi, Pianoplan brand manager, says:

“I am very satisfied with this new project. Our goal to spread the Pianoplan brand finds an excellent partner in CEM, a company well known in the sector and with long experience. Our current and future customers in the north-west of Italy will benefit from this new project and a very accurate service”. 

“I can only express my special satisfaction for the start of this commercial project that we will carry on from today together with a historical and always avant-garde manufacturer like CTE – states Loris Manocchia, CEO  of CEM Group company – The Pianoplan series of stair climber fully represents the product quality and versatility of use that we have always tried to propose to our customers.

Specifically, the Pianoplan models are a type of equipment for lifting and handling materials that is particularly suited to our target audience of removal companies. To this sector, we must also add the particularly delicate and complex applications such as those involving the transfer and handling of pianos, other musical instruments and works of art”. 

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