The CEM Group sells an Easy 21 Removal Ladder lift in Madrid

A new sale beyond national borders.
It is with this premise that the CEM Group announces the sale of a new Easy 21 Removal Ladder lift in Spain.

Thanks to the support of the Spanish branch, the Group has completed the sale of the Easy 21 Removal Ladder lift in Madrid.
The vehicle chosen by the Amygo company, based in Madrid in via Calle Eje 7, is the most requested trailer ladder lift on the market due to the practical and irreplaceable characteristics that compose it:

  • Total weight (without accessories): 750 kg;
  • Professional version removal basket with rotation and sliding system;
  • Nr. 4 extendable stabilizers;
  • Double lifting piston;
  • Extendable head wheels;
  • Swivel drawbar (for 1st floor work)

In addition, the Easy 21 Trailed Ladder loft allows moving companies to use a solid vehicle equipped with the new electro-hydraulic PAUS motor which, with electronic controls with proportional valves, allows greater speed, strength and fluidity in the operation of the elevator.

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