CEM launches new line of Modular Lifts

CEM, a leader in the commercialization of elevators, revolutionizes the industry with the launch of its innovative line of modular elevators.

CEM expands its selection of products by introducing the new Castor, Maxial and Tranzvolt models, designed to offer high-level performance in the photovoltaic module installation sector and in construction in general.

Relevance of the modular lifts are the extraordinarily eco-friendly drive systems. Castor and Maxial models use a 220 V single-phase electric motor.

The former offers a load capacity of up to 150 kilograms, while the latter can support up to 200 kilograms.

As for the Tranzvolt, the power system is battery-powered, equipped with a 1000 W power box with an operating time of more than 8 hours.

The maximum load capacity of these models is up to 113 kilograms. These features give these products a high level of sustainability, also making them suitable for many work functions.

The new range of modular lifts is now available to customers all over the world, maintaining the high- quality standards that are the hallmark of the CEM brand. Indeed, the company is known for its highly specialized and competent team, which guarantees a complete and excellent service, both before, during and after the purchase, to fully meet customers’ needs. In conclusion, the launch of the new modular lift line represents a significant step in the company’s evolution.

Thus, CEM continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions for its customers worldwide.

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