Coop Primavera chooses CEM and the new ladder lift for Removals Easy Big 31, the giant trailer

The Easy Big 31 is a ladder lift for Removals with fairly high heights but with little space for the positioning of the elevator.   The Coop Primavera chooses the ladder lift for Removals Easy Big 31 capable of easily reaching 31 meters in height. The elevator allows maximum comfort and maximum safety even in very difficult situations!


Cataphoresis is the most advanced technological result of metal treatment by painting. This process involves an immersion tank in which the product is diluted with water and forms the so-called bath; the deposition of the paint product on the piece is made by a continuous electric field.
Cataphoresis is used for its excellent chemical and physical resistance, thickness uniformity, high aesthetic appearance, easy repainting, penetration into complex geometries, increased resistance to corrosion, and ecology.

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