EASY FLOH – PAUS – Roll-off Lifts


Technical scheme

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Technical Data

Maximum height 25 mt c.a.
Minimum stabilization work 5,70 x 2,30 mt c.a
Type of stability system in front double
Type of stability system behind X System
Turnable turret 180°
Minimum work inclination 30°
Maximum work inclination 85°
Two cilynders for boom lifting Double
Maximum carriage payload 250kg
Dimension carriage close 1,10 x 0,82 mt c.a
Dimension carriage open 1,26 x 2,06 mt c.a
Basket system leveling Automatic with two gas springs
Emergency brakes Parachute brake with gas springs
Wheels head Extensible

Possibility installation kit on different trucks

All technical data are subject to change without any warning.


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EASY FLOH – PAUS – Roll-off Lifts

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