Loris Manocchia Director of Cem Group

CEM Group participated in the Piacenza GIS and was an unprecedented success.

It was a highly resonant event that provided an opportunity for all colleagues and professionals in the earth-lifting industry to meet and compare notes with a view to common growth.

CEM was present at the event with full staff and exhibited some of the best and performing equipment in its range.
During the event it was possible to interview the CEO of the CEM Group, Loris Manocchia, who explained the magnificent world of CEM.

CEM is an important reality that has existed for more than fifteen years, marketing and distributing hoist elevators and stair lifts throughout the country with enormous satisfaction: there are more than two thousand customers who have purchased Cem-branded vehicles.
The company is headquartered in Settimo Milanese and is joined by two direct branches, one in Caserta and the other in Bari, which offer constant assistance to solve any type of problem and support the customer even in after-sales

The range of CEM products is very wide and ranges from different models of elevators; in fact, the company is able to offer means ranging from 18 to 75 meters in height and that allow to guarantee highly performing and professional working performance.

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